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The program has raised the level of competence among the CSCS specialists around the world. At last count there were over 19,500 certified CSCS professionals, including athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning trainers, chiropractors, physicians, researchers, educators and coaches.Register For The CourseTo register for the CSCS exam, you must hold either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of sciences degree from a school, college or university, accredited by any of the following: Middle State Association, New England Association, North Central Association, Northwest Association, Southern Association and Western Association.If you are a college senior, you must show proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited institution. Your exam scores and results will not be released until you are able to submit a transcript that will verify that you have graduated from an accredited institution.The CSCS ExamThe CSCS exam is comprised of two sections that will test your knowledge on Strength and Conditioning.The first section, the Scientific Foundations section, will contain 80 multiple choice questions that measure your knowledge on exercise sciences such as anatomy, exercise physiology, bioenergetics, biomechanics, and acute and chronic adaptations to anaerobic and aerobic exercises, and nutrition. You will be given 1 ½ hours to answer:o 58 questions on exercise sciencesANDo 22 questions on nutrition.The second section, the Practical or Applied section, will have 110 multiple choice questions on program design, exercise techniques, testing and evaluation and organization and administration. You will be given 2 and ½ hours to answer:o 40 questions on a video to will assess your proficiency in exercise techniques, functional anatomy and testing procedureso 78 questions based on exercise technique and Program Design 1o 10 questions based on Organization and Administration ando 22 questions based on testing and evaluation.Successful completion of the CSCS exam will help you land a job of your choice, working with athletes and scientifically creating programs that will improve their performance. With increasing awareness of the importance of exercise and fitness, parents today are introducing their children to athletics and sports at an early age. This is creating a demand for CSCS professionals. With track and field events becoming ever more competitive, there are lots of opportunities for CSCS professionals.Successfully passing the CSCS exam will give you a leg up in your career as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist – and who knows – someday you may see one of your trainees standing on the winning podium at an important athletic meet!

How To Stop PED Use, Steroid Use And Blood Doping In Every Sport |

Many sports have been impacted by the use of performance enhancing drugs, steroids, HGH and blood doping.Baseball has had many scandals over the last ten years. Some of the game’s top players have been involved in these scandals which are driven by athletes breaking the rules in order to gain that edge that many athletes crave.Cycling, football, boxing, tennis, track and field, swimming and other Olympic sports have also had their share of problems with athletes, coaches, owners, unions, trainers teams and managers who are cheating by using banned or illegal substances or failing to ‘”play by the rules” regarding banned substances.There is also some evidence to suggest that younger athletes at the high school level are using these substances and dangerous tools to perform better and to increase the likelihood of earning college scholarships and entrance into professional sports.The financial rewards and the pressure to perform are both quite substantial for elite athletes. And it is easy to understand why athletes can be drawn to drugs and to blood doping in the hope of performing their best.It is also easy to understand how and why league officials, trainers, owners and unions have been less than responsive to this problem in the past. Like the players, they, too, profit from outstanding performances which draw fans into the arenas and into the stadiums. Home runs, records and incredible athletic feats generate huge dollars for their industry.However, there now seems to be a climate among players and the powers that be in sports in which there appears to be a more sincere desire to end these drug based forms of cheating.Since many sports have been affected by these kinds of scandals, I believe they all can benefit from a simple policy that can be applied to all sporting events.In my mind, there is a simple solution which ought to be applied to every sport. Having a uniform policy will help to make athletes and those people who surround athletes more aware of the rules and consequently more accountable for their actions.The policy is as follows:First, athletes, coaches and trainers need to be educated about the dangers associated with these substances.Second, the penalties need to be simple, significant and very clear.That is, the first offense carries a one year ban. The second offense carries a three year ban. And the third offense carries a lifetime ban from the sport.A simple, clear, universal policy like this when applied to all sports may be a step in the right direction toward solving the steroid and banned substances problems.This kind of policy seems reasonable, clear and fair. Applying it to all sports at every level can help to move sports to being drug free and cheating free.

Weight Loss For Teenagers and Kids – How to Have Kids Lose Weight |

Fat, overweight children and teenagers are more and more common these days and it is not hard to figure out why. There is a plethora of options out there ranging from video games, junk food, the Internet to addictive television shows. Who has time to think about their health, weight loss, dieting or watching what they eat? Children model themselves after their parents, and if their parents don’t care why should they? If you are a parent reading this, know that your children emulate you. If you want them to lose weight and smarten up, you need to too.Kids and teenagers have so many opportunities around them to lose weight but they fail to notice or use them. Without any bills or pay, or mortgages to worry about kids have tons of free time. In fact, most high school, elementary schools and community centers have lots of after school activities for them to do. These range from swimming, to track and field to basketball. They’re free and give them the chance to meet people and make more friends. Their teammates will also keep them accountable so you don’t have to remind them that they have practice for baseball 4 times a week. Summer vacation gives them a large chunk of time to participate in activities as well. Just make sure to steer them away from the television and the internet as much as possible.Make sure you know what your children are eating. Packing them a Lunchables, giving them money to go to McDonald’s or giving them a hot dog is not a proper lunch. If you love them you will take the time to make them a well balanced meal with vegetables and fruits. Love doesn’t come in a Pringles can, a bag or Doritos or a Snickers bar, don’t forget that. Having healthy meals at home will also prepare them for healthy lunches. TV dinner isn’t really dinner and neither is Hamburger Helper. Use complex carbohydrates in meals such as whole grain bread, brown rice, whole grain cereal, etc. You will bring up your families metabolism, your energy levels will soar and you will all feel great!