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The program has raised the level of competence among the CSCS specialists around the world. At last count there were over 19,500 certified CSCS professionals, including athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning trainers, chiropractors, physicians, researchers, educators and coaches.Register For The CourseTo register for the CSCS exam, you must hold either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of sciences degree from a school, college or university, accredited by any of the following: Middle State Association, New England Association, North Central Association, Northwest Association, Southern Association and Western Association.If you are a college senior, you must show proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited institution. Your exam scores and results will not be released until you are able to submit a transcript that will verify that you have graduated from an accredited institution.The CSCS ExamThe CSCS exam is comprised of two sections that will test your knowledge on Strength and Conditioning.The first section, the Scientific Foundations section, will contain 80 multiple choice questions that measure your knowledge on exercise sciences such as anatomy, exercise physiology, bioenergetics, biomechanics, and acute and chronic adaptations to anaerobic and aerobic exercises, and nutrition. You will be given 1 ½ hours to answer:o 58 questions on exercise sciencesANDo 22 questions on nutrition.The second section, the Practical or Applied section, will have 110 multiple choice questions on program design, exercise techniques, testing and evaluation and organization and administration. You will be given 2 and ½ hours to answer:o 40 questions on a video to will assess your proficiency in exercise techniques, functional anatomy and testing procedureso 78 questions based on exercise technique and Program Design 1o 10 questions based on Organization and Administration ando 22 questions based on testing and evaluation.Successful completion of the CSCS exam will help you land a job of your choice, working with athletes and scientifically creating programs that will improve their performance. With increasing awareness of the importance of exercise and fitness, parents today are introducing their children to athletics and sports at an early age. This is creating a demand for CSCS professionals. With track and field events becoming ever more competitive, there are lots of opportunities for CSCS professionals.Successfully passing the CSCS exam will give you a leg up in your career as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist – and who knows – someday you may see one of your trainees standing on the winning podium at an important athletic meet!